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Corrected a misspelling, amplified "must" so that it means
different things re implementations and re markup (this is
related to the idea that docs should be correct, though
browsers may accept incorrect docs), removed the section
about possible future features, which doesn't belong here.

<HTML version=html-spec-19940613.tar>

<TITLE>Vocabulary usied in the HTML specification</TITLE> <NEXTID



<P>This <A NAME="z3" HREF="HTML.html">specification</A> uses
the words below with the precise meaning given.



<DD>The encoding of information for interchange.
For example, HTML is a representation of hypertext.


<DD>The form of presentation to information to the human reader.




<DD>The implementation is not obliged to follow this in any way.


<DD>Where an implementation is concerned, 
if this is not followed, the implementation does not conform
to this specification.  Where markup of instances is concerned,
if this is not done, the instance will not conform to the DTD.


<DD>as "must"


<DD>If this is not followed, though the implementation officially
conforms to the standard, undesirable results may occur in practice.


<DD>Typical rendering is described for many elements.
This is not a mandatory part of the standard but is given as
guidance for designers and to help explain the uses for which
the elements were intended.

<H2><A NAME="z6">Notes</A></H2>

<P>Sections marked "Note:" are not mandatory parts of the specification
but for guidance only.

<H2>Status of features</H2>


<DT><A NAME="z2">Mandatory</A>

<DD>These features must be implemented in the rendering.
Features are mandatory unless otherwise mentioned.

<DT><A NAME="z5">Optional</A>

<DD>Standard HTML features which may safely be ignored by parsers.
It is legal to ignore these, treat the contents as though the
tags were not there. (e.g. EM, and processing instructions) .
Those marking up instances 
should be aware that these features may be ignored by
some applications.

<DT><A NAME="z8">Obsolete</A>

<DD>In use but deprecated. Browsers should implement these features
as far as possible in order to preserve back-compatibility with
previous versions of this specification.

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