Perhaps a useful tool? [Part Two]
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 94 08:53:49 EDT
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Subject: Perhaps a useful tool? [Part Two]
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This is what I really intended to write about in the previous posting
but got distracted.

As I look over any DTD, I find it helpful to have an automated analysis
of it. I've prepared one of the current version of HMTL 2.0 with the
defaults (Obsolete=Include) and will post those to this group.

If you feel these take up too much bandwidth and are not particularly
helpful, please let me know and I won't continue. On the other hand,
if they are of value, say so, and I'll do versions with the marked
section parameters set to alternative values. That way we'll be able
to see what the differences are between the versions.

There are two "editions" of the output: an SGML instance listing
each element in the DTD, its minimization, its parents, its contents
and its attributes. (As an instance, it has its own DTD, which I'll
include in this mail. You'll be able to load it into any SGML tool 
you'd like.)

There is also a PostScript file using the default formatting that we
use with these documents when we send them to consulting clients. Pardon
the SoftQuadisms on the printout. 

Both the SGML and PostScript files are uuencoded.

==========cut here for the DTD.DOC.DTD============================

<!ELEMENT DTDDoc	(FM, Elem-Sec, Ent-Sec?, Nota-Sec?, Att-Sec?)  +(Emph) 	>

<!ELEMENT FM		(Doctype, Publ-ID?, Sys-ID?, Date?, Desc?)	>
<!ELEMENT (Doctype | Publ-ID | Sys-ID | Date)		(#PCDATA)  >

<!ELEMENT Elem-Sec		(Element+)		>
<!ELEMENT Element		(ElemName, ShrtDesc, Desc?, Minim?, 
	 Inclus?, Contype?,
				Parents, Contains?, Inclus?, Attribs?, Loc-Tree)		>
<!ELEMENT (ElemName | ShrtDesc  | ConType | Contains | Parents | Inclus | Loc-Tree)		
				(#PCDATA)		>
<!ELEMENT (Example | Default)	CDATA			>
<!ELEMENT Minim		(Start?, End?)	>
<!ELEMENT (Start | End)	(#PCDATA)		>
<!ELEMENT Attribs		(Attrib*, Desc?)		>
<!ELEMENT Attrib		(AttName, Content, Default, Appears?, Desc?)	>
<!ELEMENT (AttName | Content)		(#PCDATA)	>

<!ELEMENT Ent-Sec		(Entity+)		>
<!ELEMENT Entity		(EntName, ReplText, Desc?)	>
<!ELEMENT (EntName | ReplText)	(#PCDATA)	>

<!ELEMENT Nota-Sec		(Notation+)		>
<!ELEMENT Notation		(NotaName, Keyword,  Publ-ID?, Sys-ID?, Desc?)	>
<!ELEMENT (NotaName | Keyword)	(#PCDATA)	>

<!ELEMENT Att-Sec		(Attrib+)		>
<!ELEMENT Appears		(#PCDATA)		>

<!ELEMENT Emph			(#PCDATA)		>