Appropriate uses of the Final HTML 2.0 Document

"Eric W. Sink" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 94 08:45:10 EDT
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From: "Eric W. Sink" <>
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Subject: Appropriate uses of the Final HTML 2.0 Document
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After we "finalize" the HTML 2.0 spec documents, I would like to produce an
annotated version for Mosaic.  This would simply be a specification
document which includes annotations about the spec as it applies to our
software.  Such information would be inappropriate for inclusion in the
spec, but would be useful for us.  For example, in the section on IMG
elements, we may want to mention the specific list of formats which are

I speculate that other vendors might find the same strategy to be useful.
Does this seem like an appropriate use of the document, once it is complete?

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