Re: Release of HTML 2.0 document for editing

Peter Flynn (
Tue, 23 Aug 94 12:26:53 EDT

> <li> <a href="html-19940822-ps.gz">The postscript document,
> gzipped</a>. We're not quite sure this exactly matches the Frame
> version or the HTML version. The process of producing the PS and
> HTML is somewhat buggy and tedious.
> <li> <a href="html-19940822-html.tar.gz">A gzip'd tar file of the
> document in HTML format</a>. Ironically, the HTML used here is
> not conforming to the document itself. It's generated by some
> tools that I didn't write. This is the same as <a
> href="">
> the tree on the HaL HTTP server</a>.

Lou Burnard did offer last November to make available details of the
editing system they used for producing the TEI, so that they could make
a .ps document and a .dtd file from the same SGML source. I will
contact him to see what the position is: I really don't see
reinventing the wheel, and this frigging around you mention above does
not look very productive. What are we doing messing around with Frame?