Re: Entities

Terry Allen (
Wed, 21 Sep 94 16:30:36 EDT

Leaving the partial set in provides a guide as to what's actually
supported now (the point of 2.0). But the doc could give the
whole list, and a future revision could eliminate all character
entities in the DTD in favor of a reference to the ISO set.

On the other hand, Mosaic recognizes the named references
(é) as well as the character entity forms (é); I
know Dan thought it cleaner design to use the character entities,
but they'll go away eventually. We could simply give a short
set drawn from the standard file without the character entities
at all. Mapping from the entity names to local characters is
the responsibility of the browser.

So, yes, it looks odd, but it could just as well stay as it is
for 2.0, I think.


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