Re: Meetings at Web Conference in October

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 28 Sep 94 10:33:41 EDT

Stu wrote, a long time ago:
>I endorse Yuri's proposal for an HTML meeting. My inclination is
>that it be a closely held meeting... the WG group... rather than
>an open session. I don't mean this to be exclusionary (anybody
>is welcome to join the WG, afterall), but rather to sustain a
>serious focus to the meeting.

I don't recall seeing any plans for a meeting get finalized. Now that
the agenda is out (, perhaps
we can try to schedule something. I agree with Yuri and Stu that it should
be a closely held meeting.

Scheduling will be tricky. All it takes is Yuri, TimBL, Stu and myself
to eliminate most of the week as viable options.

Monday - Tutorials all day. I had not planned to be in Chicago that day.

People busy, by day:

Session 1 - Stu
Session 2 - Yuri
Session 3 - Stu

Session 1 - Yuri
Session 2 - (none)
Session 3 - Yuri, TimBL

Session 1 - Eric, TimBL
Session 2 - TimBL
Session 3 - Eric
Session 4 - Eric

The above chart is probably not complete. Furthermore, the meeting will
obviously consist of more people than the 4 above. (Heck, someone might
even want to *attend* a session or two! :-)

So, the point is that we probably have four quasi-options:

1. Wednesday, session 2 (2:15 - 3:45)
2. Monday, during the tutorials
3. Some evening
Monday evening is the reception
Tuesday is the banquet
Wednesday is BOFs
4. Squeeze a meeting into the agenda
The agenda doesn't appear to have any events listed for
8-10, or 12-2 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

1 and 4 are probably unrealistic. It looks to me like it's either
Wednesday evening, or Monday during the tutorials.


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