Re: Mosaic Corp. HTML extensions (NCSA Tables?)

Marc Andreessen (
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 18:51:18 -0800

At 2:17 PM 10/14/94, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>I sent this to the folks at I have gotten no response.
>Either they are too busy, or they are not interested.

The former, not the latter -- we started the company
April 4, hired the core staff in April and May, started coding
June 1, entered alpha/beta around Sep 1, and just released to
the net -- things have been a bit hectic :-). I don't think there's
anyone in the company (we're at 76 employees now, I think) who isn't
running at full speed or faster, and we haven't been able to spend
time on a lot of things we'd like to spend time on during this phase,

I realize the extensions in 0.9 have stirred up some attention,
but they're really not that significant relative to a lot of the
capabilities that our customers and potential customers are beating
down our doors for. We do need to figure out in relatively short
order how specs for these new features get cut-n-dried and implemented,
because the market is moving too fast to stand still and debate for
a long time, and if we don't move quickly, I guarantee each and every
person on this list that there are much bigger companies than MCom
that will be doing so, and then we're *all* irrelevant.

I would more than welcome comments on how people on this list think
we can all move forward together quickly to address the intense
market demand for enhanced functionality -- particularly for
functionality related to advanced control over layout and
appearance, which is of urgent concern to an amazingly broad
spectrum of the potential customer base, as has been the case
for over a year and a half.


Marc Andreessen
Mosaic Communications Corporation
Mountain View, CA