Marc Andreessen (
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 18:54:25 -0800

At 1:56 PM 10/14/94, Peter Flynn wrote:
> what is new about HTML standard?
> I cannot find a draft or a recent paper about this.
> Today, Mosaic 2.5b2 and Netscape B09 are coming whith
> each different new tags for HTML.
> Is is rather disturbing
>Yes it is...I've just grabbed a copy of the new browsers to look at.
>Netscape is a bit flaky still, and not as easy to use as NCSA Mosaic,
>but has some nice features. I haven't looked at the tagset it claims
>to support yet, though, so I can't judge that. Does it look as if they
>are pursuing the old path of "any damn thing so long as it looks

I realize this is a highly religious issue, and many of the people
on this list (but not, I think, all) will remember me strongly voicing
my particular biases in the past. But let's at least stay serious --
"looking cute" has absolutely nothing to do with it; precise control over
appearance and layout is a major, major concern of many, if not most,
professional content providers.


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