Re: Mosaic Corp. HTML extensions

Marc Andreessen (
Sun, 23 Oct 1994 01:09:43 -0800

>The MCOM folks have brought forth a set. They aren't the features that
>our publishers are screaming for, but I figure that's because we serve
>different niches.

Well, actually, the extensions we already implemented were the
tip of the iceberg of functionality we've identified as pressing needs.
And yes, we do definitely serve different niches...

Anyhow, as per conversations with TimBL last week, we're in the
process of joining W3O (the check has been cut and everything :-)
and we look forward to participating in the challenging process
of figuring out how to standardize on a common middle ground in this
diverse, rapidly-moving environment within W3O and other relevant
forums, including this one.


Marc Andreessen
Mosaic Communications Corporation
Mountain View, CA