Editorial comments on HTML 2.0 spec dated 14 Oct 94

Glenn Randers-Pehrson ARL-WTD-TED-TIB (glennrp@arl.mil)
Mon, 24 Oct 94 19:38:14 GMT

Dan, here are some observations on the HTML Specification 2.0, dated
October 14, 1994. Many of my comments are picky ones about writing
style, but there are some real mistakes, too. You may post this msg.

2.4 HTML Highlighting. Underline tag not supported by Mosaic

Why pick on Mosaic? Netscape doesn't either, and Lynx 2.3B tries but
gets it wrong. Suggest you say "This proposed tag is not supported
by all browsers".

2.8 Example HTML File "does/UL>" should be "does </UL>"

3.3 Understanding HTML and SGML

"... the maximum length of a name is 72 characters"

but 3.4.2 says "name consists of a letter followed by up
to 72 characters"

One of these is off by one. Probably the latter should
read "name consists of a letter followed by up to 71 characters"

3.4.2 see comment on 3.3, above.

3.6.3 "attributes of the <ANCHOR> tag" should be "attributes of
the <A> tag"

3.8.2 "Do not confuse with PRE" should be "Do not confuse with <PRE>"

3.8.3 "The DFN tag" should be "The <DFN> tag"

3.8.5 "KBD style" should be "<KBD> tag"

3.8.6 "SAMP type" should be "<SAMP> tag"

3.12.1 "The paragraph (P) element" should be "The <P> tag"

3.12.2 "The preformatted text element PRE" should be "The preformatted
text element (<PRE>)"

3.12.5 "The META element" should be "The <META> element"

3.15.3 "&32;" should be "&#32;",
"&255; should be "&#255;"

5.1.2 "The defining instance, DFN, tag" should be "The defining instance
(<DFN>) tag"

5.1.4 "The STRIKE tag" should be "The <STRIKE> tag"

5.2.1 "A COMMENT element" should be "A <COMMENT> element"

5.2.2 "The highlighted phrase (HP) element" should be "The highlighted
phrase (<HP>) element"

"example of using the HP element" should be "example of using
the <HP> element"

5.2.3 "empty PLAINTEXT tag" should be "empty <PLAINTEXT> tag"

Glenn Randers-Pehrson (glenrp@arl.mil)