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Thu, 27 Oct 94 19:03:29 EDT

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>I was looking yesterday for the written spec for a partial URL...

Add this one to your home page/hotlist:

"IETF Home Page"

Follow a few links from there, and you find:

<dt> <A
"Relative Uniform Resource Locators", R. Fielding, 08/24/1994. (32493

<dd> Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are a compact representation of the
location and access method for a resource available via the Internet.
When embedded within a base document, a URL in its absolute form may
contain a great deal of information which is already known from the
context of that base document's retrieval, including the access scheme,
network location, and parts of the url-path. In situations where the
base URL is well-defined and known to the parser (human or machine), it
is useful to be able to embed URL references which inherit that context
rather than re-specifying it in every instance. This document defines
the syntax and semantics for such Relative Uniform Resource Locators.

>Should this be in the HTML spec?

A reference, yes. A spec, no.

The references section of the HTML document needs some work.

By the way... has anybody submitted the Oct 14 draft as an internet
draft? Now that we're a bona-fide IETF WG, we might as well take advantage
of their publication services.