Re: Can't find <open-quote>, <close-quote> characters in spec

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 2 Nov 94 11:44:00 EST

An attribute with a list of allowable values
might be a good idea for the author to suggest
their hint for an appropriate quote character
to use. I won't bother presenting a suggested
list right now, but I could offer a list later
if this was deemed an acceptable method for
providing author hints.

> > For HTML 3.0, I am proposing a new quote element <q>...</q> that
> > automatically generates quote characters around the enclosed text.
> > The choice of double or single quotation marks will depend on the
> > level of nesting of quotes. Otherwise, we will be able to use the
> > standard ISO entity names for these marks.
> I like it. I assume that the spec will recommend that the
> exact choice of quoting characters be a browser-configurable
> option? Otherwise we'll be in danger of enforcing cultural
> imperialism on cross-continental platforms.