Comments on HTML 2.0 Spec

Earl Hood (
Fri, 11 Nov 94 15:31:31 EST

(Apparently, this message did not make it out the first time on the
html-wg list. Sorry if you have already seen this)

Comments are based on the 13 OCT 94 draft.


"A typical rendering might be a slight extra left and right
indent, and/or italic font. BLOCKQUOTE causes a paragraph
break, and typically provides a line or so of white space
before and after the quote."

Shouldn't italic rendering be discouraged since the meaning of
BLOCKQUOTE has expanded from its earlier definition. I.e.
BLOCKQUOTE has the same content model as BODY, and it would bad
style (i.e. poor readability) to render BLOCKQUOTE in italics if a
complete HTML doc -- headings, paragraphs, etc -- is in a

3.6.5 Headings

"The style of each heading level is up to the designer of the
presentation software. Since the rendering software is
responsible for generating vertical white space between
elements, do not follow a heading element with a paragraph

This statement seems to contradict that the P element is a container.
For example,

<H1>This is a Head</H1>
<p>This is a paragraph of
some type.</p>

is supposedly the prefered way to do things now. The above statement
still treats P as a paragraph break only.

3.13.6 SELECT

The NAME and SIZE attributes are not mentioned.



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