Re: Internet draft for 'file upload' feature proposal
Fri, 11 Nov 94 16:40:14 EST

I think this is a fine proposal! I would propose one slight
extension to handle the problem below:

> Deferred file transmission:
> In some situations, it might be advisable to have the server validate
> various elements of the clients data (user name, account, etc.)
> before actually preparing to receive the data. However, after some
> consideration, it seemed best to require that servers that wish to do
> this should implement this as a series of forms, where some of the
> data elements that were previously validated might be sent back to
> the client as 'hidden' fields. This puts the onus of maintaining the
> state of a transaction only on those servers that wish to build a
> complex application, while allowing those cases that have simple
> input needs to be built simply.

Why not have another input type of "FILENAME", which would return a url
that could be used to ask a server for the file at a later date?


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