Re: Can't find <open-quote>, <close-quote> characters in spec

Peter Flynn (
Sat, 12 Nov 94 19:35:26 EST

>>> For HTML 3.0, I am proposing a new quote element <q>...</q>
I guess that I stumbled upon the structural overlap between
<BLOCKQUOTE> and <Q> and the focus on presentation and the
"...'..'..." case. If we want to represent text that originates
elsewhere, why not deprecate <BLOCKQUOTE> and enrich <Q> with
attributes that would fold in the functionality of <BLOCKQUOTE> and
describe more fully interesting things about quotes?

I think because <q> is more useful for inline quotes and <blockquote>
for block quotations.

"I love curry," said Peter, "especially in the Taj Mahal"

is better done as

<q>I love curry <interjection>said Peter</interjection> especially in
the Taj Mahal</q>

so that you don't have to repeat the citation-URL.