Re: Plan for next 24 days?

Yuri Rubinsky (
Sun, 13 Nov 94 08:25:45 EST

Dan asks:

> So what's the plan?

Here's one small piece of the plan:

Jeff Suttor convened an evening BOF at the SGML '94 Conference of
interested parties from the ICADD committee, the HTML WG and the SGML
community in general and that group performed a line-by-line edit
on the draft that Jeff and I had previously done of the version of
HTML with the Braille/voice/large print attribute set built in.

I was unable to attend that meeting but Jeff has indicated he'll send
me the new draft within the next day -- my guess is that there is a
little cleanup that I'll do -- and I'll get it back to him before I
leave for Europe for two weeks on Monday evening. That work will have
to be ported to the very latest HTML 2.0 Spec at the last possible
moment -- that is, at whatever point everything else is completely
stable, Jeff should confirm that last-minute changes to HTML itself
haven't affected anything in the SDA attributes.

Given the Nov 28th deadline (I'm back on the 30th), I'm afraid I can't
help during that time.