IMG is Level 0, ALT _always_ #IMPLIED

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 16:10:55 EST

Dan> * ALT required at level 0: are we changing this?

eric> I can't remember who said so (Terry, perhaps), but that person bristled at
eric> the notion of an attribute being required at one level, but not at upper
eric> levels.

Having ALT requred at level 0 and optional at higher levels preserves
the notion that level 0 is a subset of higher levels. I don't see the

Roy> Several people did, including myself. The problem is that ALT is never
Roy> required in current practice, and thus cannot be required in the 2.0 spec.
Roy> Perhaps recommended, but not required.

Hmmm... I was thinking that you might want to validate that every IMG
had an ALT so that the meaning of your IMG elements would be conveyed
to text-only consumers too. But I suppose that some IMG elements are
completely inessential, and it's OK for them to disappear in a
text-only rendering.

OK, so ALT is always #IMPLIED.

Just to be clear: IMG should remain in the level 0 DTD, no?