Multi-paragraph ADDRESSes?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 16:10:46 EST

Dan> * ADDRESS in BODY comment was marked "Dan?": I don't know what this is
Dan> supposed to mean.

Roy> > Hmmm. I wrote that note. Does anyone remember why we discussed ADDRESS
Roy> > and BODY?
Roy> The only thing I recall about it is the need to have more than one
Roy> paragraph within a single Address, and the question was "Why does Dan
Roy> disallow P under Recommended?", or something like that.
Roy> I can't remember who brought it up.

Disallowing P under Address had something to do with the fact that
a very old spec said that P inside ADDRESS wasn't supposed to leave
a blank line. The way to get this effect today is to use BR, so
I figured P inside ADDRESS wasn't needed.

I suppose there is some sense in multi-paragraph ADDRESS elements.
Should ADDRESS also be allowed to contain lists and other %block

I'd like to keep ADDRESS just (%text). Hmm... but testing says I
can't do that. Thoughts?