Fwd: Reference to ISO 8879:1986

James D Mason (MASONJD@oax.a1.ornl.gov)
Tue, 15 Nov 94 17:20:17 EST

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I debated about putting this out to the group, as it just referred to the
proposed abstract, but I've had a request to send it out, so here is:


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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 15:18:00 EST
From: James D Mason <MASONJD@oax.a1.ornl.gov>
Subject: Reference to ISO 8879:1986
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One minor change, for which I will not burden the netowrk mailing list:

Please make it "ISO 8879:1986"; we're in the process of revising the standard,
and there may be later versions (e.g., ISO 8879:1996). We're not going to do
anything that would make an application of the '86 version nonconforming, but
we do like to get the reference points right.

(We have done things in other standards, like ISO 9070, that are version
sensitive, and the MHS folks that do X.400, etc., have done things that will
really blow you out of the water if you get the wrong version.)

Jim Mason

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