Re: HTMLdoc (fwd)

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 16 Nov 94 04:37:25 EST

> I think that we need to publish the PostScript version
> somewhere on a news group or at a Web site or something.
> Probably we should wait for the folks at Spyglass to
> complete the latest revisions, but then we should try
> to go public.

We should announce *now* that this is our intention, I think.

> > Is it possible to get a good reference to the HTML or SGML languages ON
> > PAPER! I have see many nifty online HTML versions of this type of
> > document, but I cannot seem to find a good manual.

The TEI's "Gentle Guide to SGML" from the previous version of their report
is still available at

I've mailed the original poster suggesting the UTIRC references to HTML
docs as a starting point.