Editing comments

Eric Schieler (eschieler@spyglass.com)
Wed, 16 Nov 94 15:37:15 EST

At 2:46 PM 11/16/94 -0500, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>Roy: I assume this postscript has the same portability problems as the
>last one.

Unlike the previous version, this version *should* be level 1 compatible.

>Most of this looks very good. But...
>> WWW browser, WWW application, HTML browser, HTML viewer,
>> rendering software, browser, HTML viewer, parser,
>> and presentation system were replaced by HTML client.
>As HTML is not a protocol, can we change this to "HTML user agent"?
>See the file upload discussoin in the html-wg archive for details.

Sure. Unless I hear otherwise, I will use HTML user agent.

>Also, is there some section at the beginning where this term is
>introduced and/or motivated?

No, but there should be. Does anyone have a definition for HTML user agent?

>Hmmm... I think that HTML parser is a distinct term. I'll have to
>have a look at it in context.

In case it is helpful to know, the only occurrences of "parser" that were
replaced are in 3.2 and 3.6.5.

BTW, the HTML version will be up in a few minutes.

Eric Schieler
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