Re: Notes on Oct 16 draft

Roy T. Fielding (fielding@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Wed, 16 Nov 94 18:47:56 EST

Skipping through Dan's notes:

> Abstract: Change "ISO 8879" to "ISO8879:1986" as per ????'s suggestion.

Yes, I agree. Also, I think that the Abstract should be on the title page
and not a chapter of the document. I realize that this will change all
the section numbers, but that is how it's done. Numbering should start
with the Introduction (in our case, Overview). The Abstract should not
be listed in the TOC. This will also save a couple trees. ;-)

I would prefer to see a more useful, 3-level TOC section. We might
as well take full advantage of FrameMaker's generator capability.

3. Hmmm, the first two paragraphs restate (incorrectly) what was included
in the Abstract. I think they should be replaced with a copy
(perhaps extended) of the second paragraph of the abstract.

> 3.3 is not very clear. I agree with what I think it's trying to say.
> It shoulb be clear that in the standard DTD, HTML.Recommened is set to
> IGNORE, i.e. off, and HTML.Deprecated is set to INCLUDE, i.e. on.
> That is, the recommended restrictions are not standard, but the
> deprecated idioms still are.

Yes, and it looks like someone used the global replace option of the
spell checker. All occurrences of "depreciated" should be replaced
with "deprecated".

3.7.7 META -- needs to be updated to include the text I sent in last week.

> 3.8.1 Why is that note in there?

Beats me -- looks like a cut-n-paste orphan.

3.17.3 Most of the numerical character references are still missing
the "#", i.e. &32; should be  , etc.

> 8. Delete MIME, SGML, SGMLs, WWW, and URI, as they are covered in the
> References section. Or at least replace the full citations with
> suitable definitions.

Shouldn't this section be in the Introduction/Overview?

> There doesn't seem to be an "Authors Address" section. Isn't this
> a requirement for an RFC?

Yes, it is. See RFC 1543 for the RFC guidelines. Also, everything that
is not part of the specification should be in the appendices, after the
Authors Addresses.

Also, you may want to activate "Change Bars" before making these changes
to the FrameMaker version -- it is a great way to speed up the editing

.....Roy Fielding ICS Grad Student, University of California, Irvine USA