Re: Status Report; Philosophy

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Tue, 22 Nov 94 11:25:57 EST

> What is "Final" ?
> When does this document stop changing? It is apparent to me that the
> current cycle is exactly that: a CYCLE, with no end. :-) At some point,
> this stops changing, right? Having no experience with IETF in the past, I
> am confused about where that point is.

It probably won't stop changing until focus moves on to
whatever follows HTML 2.0.
> We are submitting the document as an "Internet Draft". The word DRAFT in
> this usage implies to me that someone thinks it's going to change a lot
> more. In fact, it appears that making it an Internet Draft means that we
> are exposing it to the critical review of lots MORE PEOPLE, so we will be
> flooded with scads of irrelevant comments from people who know nothing of
> the history which brought us here. This does not sound like a strategy
> which reaches "Final"-ness.

Ya, that's true, but that's OK too. As we move on, so will the reviewers.
> In the past, we've used a train metaphor, referring to the notion of
> final-ness as "bringing this train into the station". It seems to me that
> as we get closer to the station, I'm able to see through the fog well
> enough to see that our station is closed, and we need to move on to the
> next one.
> Anyone know where the final stop is?

The station is not closed, there are passengers waiting
to board the shiny new train and comment on the upholstery.
There is no final stop, but when passengers and crew stop
showing up, the train can stay in the yard. Who knows,
maybe it will even show up at Shining Time Station. :-)

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Don't worry it gets better -- they grow up to be teenagers!

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