Proposal: </input> tag:
Tue, 22 Nov 94 11:22:11 EST


I would like to propose a closing </input> tag for the <input> tag used in
HTML forms.


Current usage makes it hard to look at an HTML form and figure out the text
that goes with the input element.

Thus, in a typical usage

Please enter your name <input ... > here ...
and please enter your <input ... > email address ...

The problem is that you have to guess from the context as to what information
has to be input.

Of course, when rendered visually, it is obvious as to what text the input tag
goes with, but what about browsers that want to provide alternative

It would be nice to have something like
Please enter your <input ...> name </input> and <input ...> email address

This would:

1) Make the information associated with the input element tightly bound to the
input tag.
2) It would bring the <input> tag in line with the anchor tag etc, which in a
sense provide the same kind of information, ie "here is a piece of text that
goes with the anchor"