SDA attributes #FIXED in the DTD?

Wed, 23 Nov 94 18:00:38 EST

Hi Joe,

> Is it necessary to include all the SDA attributes
> in the base DTD? I thought that <!LINK was the
> recommended approach for enabling SDA.

At the current time, few parsers support link (and James Clark's new SP
parser, supports LINK, just came out). The tools that most people have/use
today require the SDA attrs in order to write a generic transformer vs custom
code for each DTD or change. If most of the info's available in the DTD, more
people can make use of it. I agree with you that LINK will be what we use in
the future ... but for now ...

> the DTD is *the* definitive reference it's advantageous to
> keep it as simple as possible

Another perspective is that it gives adaptive access a hard to ignore presense.
I hope that many people will see just how easy SGML can enable all kinds of
info reuse including ICADD.

> These aren't serious objections; I was just wondering.

They're good points. I too look forward to writing LPDs.

P.S. joe@trystero ?!? W.A.S.T.E. not want not ?!?

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