Re: Release: SDA -> dtd

Paul Burchard (
Wed, 23 Nov 94 18:29:04 EST

JSuttor@Library.UCLA.EDU writes:
> <!-- HTML 2.0 contains SGML Document Access (SDA) fixed attributes in

> support of easy transformation to the International Committee for

> Accessible Document Design (ICADD) DTD "-//EC-USA-CDA/ICADD//DTD

> ICADD22//EN". ICADD applications are designed to support usable access

> to structured information by print-impaired individuals through Braille,

> large print and voice synthesis. For more information on SDA & ICADD:

> - ISO 12083:1993, Annex A.8, Facilities for Braille, large print
> and computer voice
> - ICADD ListServ <>
> - Usenet news group bit.listserv.easi
> - Recording for the Blind, +1 800 221 4792
> -->

If you really want ICADD to become part of the way things are done on the
Web, you need to provide a *URL* that gives people a reasonable idea of
what these things are and how to use them. An online spec would be even
better. The references given here are not useful to anyone but those with
a significant existing commitment to ICADD.

I also don't see any mention of ICADD and SDA in the human-readable part of
the spec, and no one appears to have prepared any text for that purpose.
Such text should explain what ICADD is about and mention a permanent URL
(not an 800 number or an obscure newsgroup) where more information can be

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