Fri, 25 Nov 94 16:09:45 EST

A quick note -- ISO 8859-1 has `minus' where most ASCII fonts display a
hyphen. Set the 8th bit on it and you get an 8859-1 hyphen.

As a result, these-words-are-separated-by-minus-signs-not-hyphens.

Although this ought to be obvious, many people use - as a hypen.
Is it worth a note in the spec.?

I.e. character 055 (octal) is a minus sign in 8859-1, and the hyphen
is 0255 (octal). Or are my references wrong? I've compared a few
different sources, of which the most easily available is the Adobe
PostScript Red Book (pp.596-599 in the 2nd edition), but I don't
actually have ISO 8859-1 in front of me to check, sorry.