Re: Nov 28 draft

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 30 Nov 94 18:58:15 EST

In message <>, Paul Grosso writes:
>What is the status of the DTD printed in the Nov 28 internet draft?
>How does that compare with the DTD you maintain? The DTD in the
>draft is a Nov 15 version, and, for example, doesn't have any changes
>that I suggested that I believe you accepted.
>One of the other issues (or perhaps this is also a DTD issue) is the
>FPIs for the DTDs and the use of the public text display version field
>for the (display-independent) version number. Is this change still
>planned to go into the spec?

I've completed another revision. Unfortunately, this stuff isn't in
the recent internet draft, but see if this addresses your concerns:


Public Text of the HTML 2.0 Specification

Daniel W. Connolly
$Id: html-pubtext.html,v 1.5 1994/11/30 23:45:32 connolly Exp $

The HTML 2.0 specification includes both machine-readable
public text -- SGML "code" if you will -- and human-readable
text. The public text includes the DTD, an SGML declaration, and a
version of the ISO Added Latin 1 entity set.

Changes in the November 30 Revision

o Integrated ICADD SDA attributes and APPINFO (Thanks
to Jeff Suttor)
o Updated catalog etc. with new FPIs (formal public
Old format: "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN//2.0"
New format: "-//IETF//DTD 2.0 HTML//EN"
o Changed FUNCTION character syntax: uncommented the
real one, commented out the hack version.
o Added FPI's and public text for "Strict" versions of the
DTD (e.g. "-//IETF//DTD HTML Strict Level
1//EN" maps to html-1s.dtd)
o Changed FPI used to reference ISO latin 1 entities.
o Changed a bunch of + occurence indicators to * for clarity
o Changed some parameter entities to comply with SGML
tokenization rules.