Nov 28 draft

Paul Grosso (
Wed, 30 Nov 94 13:59:08 EST

Dan, Eric,

What is the status of the DTD printed in the Nov 28 internet draft?
How does that compare with the DTD you maintain? The DTD in the
draft is a Nov 15 version, and, for example, doesn't have any changes
that I suggested that I believe you accepted.

One of the other issues (or perhaps this is also a DTD issue) is the
FPIs for the DTDs and the use of the public text display version field
for the (display-independent) version number. Is this change still
planned to go into the spec?

I understand that time ran out, and that this is a draft, and some
(hopefully minor) work continues on the draft. I don't mean to hassle
anyone (I'm way too hassled myself right now) I guess I'm wondering
how to determine what changes are still planned, which ones are
rejected, and which ones are unintentionally getting forgotten?


Paul Grosso
VP Research Chief Technical Officer
ArborText, Inc. SGML Open