Availability of Internet Draft for PC users

Keith M. Corbett (kmc@specialform.com)
Fri, 2 Dec 94 17:44:20 EST

At 01:23 PM 11/29/94 EST, Eric W. Sink wrote:
>Murray wrote:

>>When will PostScript and HTML versions of the official Internet Draft
>>be available to members of this mailing list?
>This week.

Earlier this week I spent a couple hours fiddling with the 11/22 spec and
associated files (dtd, decl, notes) to get them all where I could use them
on my PC. I haven't had a chance to unload the .html files on a Unix box
somewhere so I can manually change the filenames and links. (groan!)

I'm probably not the only person working primarily on a PC - maybe the only
person willing to admit it. ;>

Is it possible this time around for the HTML version to be clean for DOS,
with 8.3 file- and link-names? Could they be gathered into a .zip file?

I'm willing to do the donkey work to make this possible. If I can get to the
.html files I could .zip them. I'd be happy to print them to PDF, if anyone
else would find this convenient.

Thanks -