Re: Charset parameter [Was: Tentative Agenda for IETF meeting ]

Terry Allen (
Fri, 2 Dec 94 17:51:30 EST

| In message <199412022059.MAA24004@rock>, Terry Allen writes:
| >What would be the MIME charset parameter for a document that used
| >more than one charset?
| It's not clear to me what you mean by "use more than one charset." An
| SGML document has exactly one document character set. A MIME text body
| part has exactly one charset (be it the implicit default or an
| explicit charset parameter).
| Some character encodings (e.g. iso2022) allow a kind of "mode
| switching" where the mapping of bytes to characters changes via escape
| codes. In that case, the character repertoire of the document
| character set contains _all_ the characters that can be encoded in any
| mode. But it's still just one big character set, as far as SGML is
| concerned or one big character encoding, as far as MIME is concerned.
| I think.

That's what I meant:

<p charset=ISO8859-6>imagine this is really Arabic
<p charset=ISO8859-1>back to Latin 1.

Does that imply a MIME charset parameter of
charset=ISO8859-6, ISO8859-1

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