Re: ICADD support in HTML 2.0 - not urgent, not ready to go

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 5 Dec 94 19:51:15 EST

In message <199412052339.PAA28791@rock>, Terry Allen writes:
"Wayne L. Wohler" <wohler@VNET.IBM.COM> writes:
>| The discussion this week culminating in adding ICADD fixed entity attributes
>| to the DTD overlooked several points that were raised in other forums. If
>| those points were addressed I guess I missed the the exchange.

Wayne: I think I missed the objections in the first place. Could you
elaborate in this forum?

>| ... the technical proposal is not entirely ready to go
>What's this technical proposal that's not ready to go?

There is _no_ prose in the spec that explains the SDA attributes.
Folks are gonna go "what's this SDA cruft in the DTD?" I _guarantee_
that I will get no less than 10 email messages on that topic, over and
above the comments sent to the working group.

I have been convinced that there is tremendous social benefit in
including ICADD stuff in the HTML 2.0 spec, and that there is little
technical cost.

So I have resigned myself to playing "help desk" on this issue.

But the right thing to do is to put something in the spec -- at least
an appendix -- that motivates the ICADD stuff. Such a blurb would (1)
reach a lot more folks than the sparse comments in the DTD, and (2)
save me about 10% of the idiot mail.

-- whining in prior restraint