Re: Proposal for <INC SRC="URI"> Element for Compound HTML Documents.

Terry Allen (
Sat, 10 Dec 94 10:44:25 EST

| Terry Allen <> wrote:
| > What you want to do can be done with SUBDOC and the ability to declare
| > entities in the internal subset in the doctype declaration. The
| > subdocuments should be valid HTML docs, though, properly nested.
| Subdocuments don't even have to be complete HTML documents;
| they can be fragments, too:
| <blockquote>
| <p>This is a complete document instance.
| Try it with sgmls or html-check -- it works!
| </blockquote>
| Any HTML container can be used as the top-level
| document element. (Another argument in favor
| of more containers, I guess...)

Yes, so that's a valid HTML doc (conforming to the HTML DTD).
Of course you could also just make this fragment an entity on
its own, and reference it, but then the complete composite doc
would have to parse correctly.

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