Re: HTML3 tables

David - Morris (
Thu, 15 Dec 94 02:05:46 EST

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, Dave Raggett wrote:

> .....

> This is in fact in appropriate as you should specify the image as an attribute
> on the figure element. The text within the figure is used as alt text for
> non-graphical viewers with the exception of caption text.
> e.g.
> <figure src="blah.jpeg">
> <caption align="bottom">My House</caption>
> </figure>
I missed the restriction of figures to logical graphical objects (text
only as an alternative for non-graphical rendering). I guess this
would be OK if we are clear that a table can consist of 1 row and
column. BUT from a markup perspective this would be a deviation from
common print publishing practice and make it more difficult for authors
to rationalize their notion of content with html restrictions. It is
common to find separate listings of figures and tables in documents.
Hard I think for users to think of single cell tables as tables.

While on this subject ... figures should have optional borders and
tables need to have optional cell divider lines (cell borders?). For
cell borders, it might work to have attributes on the <tr> and cell
tags (I'm too much of a novice reading DTDs, can't figure out what
the cell tag is).