Re: Anchored rendering of TABLE head/foot

Joe English (
Fri, 16 Dec 94 12:40:05 EST

David - Morris <> wrote:
> My intent was not to have an obvious scrollable wigit associated with
> the table. If the table fits on the available space it would be there
> without any difference from a presentation without my feature.
> [...] Under my proposal,
> the normal browser scrolling keys/mouse bars would scroll the document
> in a window which was reduced in size enough to have the sticky headers
> in view until the end (top) of the table in a forward (backward)
> direction is off the table.

Hmm... I find dynamically changing the scrolling mechanism
really annoying. X Mosaic and Lynx both do this with FORMS;
With Mosaic, pressing the down arrow key scrolls the document
view up until a <TEXTAREA> slides underneath the mouse pointer,
then all of a sudden it starts moving the text insertion
cursor instead. Lynx's navigation keys also get messed up
when you traverse to an input field. This drives me nuts.

A spreadsheet-like scrolling display with fixed headers & footers
would be useful for large tables though; I just don't think
it should be displayed inline with the main document.

How does this sound: By default, browsers should try to
display tables inside the main document just like Arena and
X Mosaic do now. If that's not possible -- the table's
too wide or tall, or the user or stylesheet requests it --
then the browser should just display the caption as a
hyperlink. Selecting the caption/link would bring up a separate
display (a pop-up window, or switch to a different screen)
which gives a spreadsheet-like view of the table,
with fixed headers, footers, and what have you.

It would be nice if browsers could do something similar
with <FORMS> but (here I go again) those are so badly
broken it's hard to do anything sensible with them.
They don't have a <CAPTION> or <TITLE> to display as
the link text, and they pretty much have to be formatted
as flowed text because the content model doesn't provide any
other structure. Oh well. There's always gopher+ ASK blocks.

(This probably doesn't belong on html-wg... sorry.)

--Joe English