Re: Help me for HTML editors

Mary Byrne at Accurate (mbyrne@Accurate.COM)
Wed, 28 Dec 94 12:52:22 EST

> Hi, everybody;
> Does anybody know of html editors
> including those for any platform?
> I want to survey the kind of html editors of all platform.


The hot html editor was announced at the SGML '94 conference in Virginia this
past November. It is SoftQuad's Panorama. The reason it is hot is that
it handles both sgml and html, something other editors do not.
Also, it is being offered free with the next version of Mosaic, or for $139
there is a point and click version available now.

Yuri Rubinsky (, president of SoftQuad, says Panorama PRO
works in a Windows environment now and will work in SUN Motif by February.

I have no other information but am interested in what you find out. Would
you please share the results of your survey when it is complete?

Good luck and season's greetings to you too!

M. Byrne