Re: Help me for HTML editors

Betty Harvey (
Wed, 28 Dec 94 13:20:57 EST

On Wed, 28 Dec 1994, Mary Byrne at Accurate wrote:

> Seongcheon,
> The hot html editor was announced at the SGML '94 conference in Virginia this
> past November. It is SoftQuad's Panorama. The reason it is hot is that
> it handles both sgml and html, something other editors do not.
> Also, it is being offered free with the next version of Mosaic, or for $139
> there is a point and click version available now.

Panorama is the SGML viewer that will let you view native SGML over the
WWW. The HTML editor that Softquad provides is called HoTMetaL (public
domain) and HoTMetaL Pro ($195 -- I think). HoMeTaL is currently
available for MS-Windows and Suns.

HoTMetaL is very similar to Author/Editor which is SoftQuad's SGML editor.
It will only edit HTML.

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