Re: Help me for HTML editors

George Carrette (
Wed, 28 Dec 94 20:20:18 EST

On Wed, 28 Dec 1994, Larry Masinter wrote:
> Not to be too curmudgeonly in the holiday season, but ...

Hey old timer. (GJC@MC here, ah, when two-character names were unique

The other mailing lists you mentioned, are they based on OCLC.ORG

By the way, I'm trying to build an online service here at Village
with a HTTPD, and on-the-fly created HTML, using the SIOD scheme
interpreter and RDB relational database. Encrypted URL's to encode
a pointer to user context in each page I spit. Pretty sick, eh?

Hope to pull things together in time to support the fact that
over one million teachers are receiving a catalog in January
put out by a franchisee of ours announcing the ability to sign
up for a service tuned "just for teachers."

By the way, this HTML kind of stuff, Mosaic kind of client, is
how we VAX/NIL people wanted to support GUI in 1981. But all the
assistant-profesor level people said that you just *gotta* have a bitmapped
display mapped into virtual memory or it wouldn't be useful.
Then in 1983 we tried to convince Athena people to go that way.
No luck. The rest is history.