list scope
Thu, 29 Dec 94 08:07:38 EST

As janitor for the HTML-WG list, I would like to reinforce Larry's
comments about staying on topic here.

I quote from the introductory message for the list:

> Welcome to the HTML-WG list. This list is maintained for the express
> and limited purpose of supporting the activities of those actively
> involved in the IETF Working Group on HTML specifications. All
> subscribers are welcome, but it is important that discussion on this
> list be restricted to matters of immediate importance in negotiating
> consensus concerning the specifications of HTML in the IETF standards
> track. Please restrict postings here to this purpose.

BTW, I will be revising that file this week or next... suggestions are
welcome (please... to me, NOT to the list!).

If it weren't off topic, I'd wish you all a productive New Year...


Stuart Weibel
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Office of Research
(614) 764-6081