Re: latest html 2.0 spec

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 4 Jan 95 14:29:30 EST

>Someone at my company downloaded a html doc titled HTML 2.0 (draft). It is
>dated 10 13 1994. Can you tell me if there is a newer spec around and where
>I get it on the web?

Roy Fielding maintains

which contains pointers to all kinds of interesting things, including the
latest internet draft of HTML 2.0.

A newer internet draft is forthcoming, based on a few document changes
which have been agreed upon, but we have not yet had time to actually do.
We got caught up in the holiday busy-ness.

As soon as we have a chance (read "this week or next"), we'll be making the
edits, and releasing a new internet draft. Shortly thereafter, we'll ask
for a last call of some kind, so any last very minor edits can be included
before submitting the document to the IETF pipeline to RFC-ness.

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