character set issues...

Larry Masinter (
Wed, 4 Jan 95 16:37:36 EST

The discussion seems to have died down. I think I volunteered to
rewrite a section of the HTML spec, but I'm no longer sure where the
'truth' copy is that I should start with. Can someone supply a
pointer to me, please?

> More lengthy discussion resulted in the following suggested actions
> for HTML 2.0:

> 1) The baseset for HTML may be overridden by a MIME character set;
> 2) HTML 2.0 may be supposed to only support the ISO Latin-1 character set;
> 3) the charset parameter defaults to ISO Latin-1.

> There are some changes needed to the text of the HTML 2.0 spec to
> support these ideas. Larry Masinter agreed to write a draft of these
> changes.

Also, on the end-of-line issue, I'm willing to try to draft a new
version of the wording, to address the agreements reached