Re: character set issues...

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 4 Jan 95 16:59:07 EST

>The discussion seems to have died down. I think I volunteered to
>rewrite a section of the HTML spec, but I'm no longer sure where the
>'truth' copy is that I should start with. Can someone supply a
>pointer to me, please?

The latest copy we all have access to is the current internet draft. I've
been pointing people at to get the
draft, as well as other info.

I believe the task at hand is:

1. Take the above internet draft
2. Edit as needed to reflect the changes discussed in the BOF, as recorded
in the minutes, which were mailed to the group.

>Also, on the end-of-line issue, I'm willing to try to draft a new
>version of the wording, to address the agreements reached

I believe that the character-set issue and the end-of-line issue became
entangled in the same discussion, and the summaries found their way onto
the same slide, which was written by TBL.

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