Re: Use of "level" or "version" parameter to denote use of experimental features?

Terry Allen (
Mon, 16 Jan 95 18:08:46 EST

Larry writes:
>I've been wondering if we might allow some way to designate with the
"level" or "version" parameter (or some other parameter) for
describing a document that is mainly 'text/html' but also contains
experimental features. E.g.,

text/html; level=x-w3org-3


This looks as though level is meant as a reference to a DTD (or
SGML declaration?), in which case "level" is misleading; if I
understand things now, "level"s refer only to the HTML 2.0 DTD.

Dave, how would you designate the 3.0 DTD (as an example) in
MIME for text/html?

 Terry Allen   (