Re: changes to HTML draft re: character sets

Gavin Nicol (
Mon, 16 Jan 95 18:12:35 EST

>Currently, we specify an <!SGML> declaration for HTML, and I had
>expected that changes to the MIME charset= parameter would imply
>corresponding changes to the character set declaration in the <!SGML>

Not necessary if the document character set is a superset of the mime=
character set, and if the client can convert from the mime= character
set and encoding into the document character set.

>If we specify that the charset= parameter can take values other
>than ISO8859-1, we must also specify the corresponding SGML character
>set declarations, no?

Or a superset of them that they can be mapped into.

>I don't know how to specify the character set corresponding to
>ISO2022-JP, or even if it's possible.
>Could anybody out there on sgml-internet help us out?
>Do any of the SGML vendors support non-western writing systems?
>What SGML declaration might you use in conjunction with a document
>represented in Unicode? ISO2022-JP? Others?

This is certainly possible. If the document character set is defined
to be Unicode, and the entity manager, or something below, can map
from that encoding and character set into Unicode, then all will be

I would recommend taking a look at the Extended Reference Concrete
Syntax that Rick Jelliffe ( recently sent out.

Gavin "Not speaking for EBT" Nicol