Re: textured backgrounds
Wed, 18 Jan 95 10:27:58 EST

It would not be difficult to generate a long list of very appealing
features to add to HTML (there are 250+ subscribers to this list at the
moment), and it is hard to resist the temptation in the face of the
persuasion of Arena's aesthetics, for example.

I hope we will resist, nonetheless.

There are hard and very important issues on the table that must be
resolved in order to consolidate the position of HTML in network
publishing. Those that jump immediately to mind are the
internationalization of character sets, super- and subscripts, a
convention to provide persistent toolbars, some of the markup
capabilities that Netscape has introduced.... there are others.

Now that the 2.0 spec is pretty much in place, I wonder if it's time
re-examine our agenda at a higher level, to see if there is a consensus
about what should be near the top, and why?

I am going to put together a balloting web page for submission of
agenda items and dynamic balloting that I hope may help us to assign
priorities to our discussion.