Re: textured backgrounds

Albert Lunde (
Wed, 18 Jan 95 10:13:21 EST

> I was more concerned with what people thought of the idea as opposed to
> arguments over the syntax of its implementation, but...
> The only problem I have with the concept (as opposed to the
> implementation) is that I may not _want_ someone else's damnfool
> cutesiepie wallpaper in my browser window...[...]

I'd also like some sense of priorities: could we
figure out a bit more how we are going to deal with user vs
author control of some more basic subset of presentation
attributes, before we standardize the kitchen sink attributes?

The examples of the Mac and Desktop Publishing together show
that there is no feature of the text presentation or the user
interface that _someone_ doesn't want to fiddle with. ;)

I expect someone wants to give me text in Zapy Chacery on a marble background
with shadowed rainbow buttons (look at the imagemaps in use today)

    Albert Lunde