Re: textured backgrounds

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 19 Jan 95 16:01:48 EST

My comments below...
> On Wed, 18 Jan 1995, Yuri Rubinsky wrote:
> > It is absolutely the case that people want to be able to do this sort
> > of "wallpapering", which in some mockups I've seen, can look terrific,
> > can enhance a publisher's unique look an' feel, and may not feel
> > particularly invasive but just part of the design.
> There are lots of things people want to do which in the judgement of
> society are unacceptable. For this one we really need to be concerned
> about what people want to receive, not what they want to send.

Can't agree with you on this.
> I recently encountered a very glitzy publication with very interesting
> content and an appearance I'd be happy to frame and hang on the wall.
> Problem was with all the distracting color to the 'paper' and less than
> adequate contrast, I couldn't read the thing. They lost a subscription.

That's no reason not to "allow" me to do this, but it is good
motivation for me to not want to do something that will cause
my readership to abandon me.
> There are times these days I can't bring up arena or netscape because
> too many different colors are required for what is available on my
> SUNOS Sparc station. Missing colors can destroy the utility of the
> document and I fear that we the creators of the WEB and not the document
> authors will be blamed.

Who gets blamed is neither here nor there. Please don't assume that
the readers are the only or even the most important constituency being
served by HTML or the WWW. Otherwise publishers will grow weary of
being told that they are not "allowed" to do what they feel they "need"
to do.
> Dave Morris


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