Re: textured backgrounds

Greg Kostello (
Thu, 19 Jan 95 17:20:05 EST

> On Thur, 19 Jan 1995, Murray Maloney wrote:
> What I have been saying all along is:
> 1) Browsers should provide mechanisms for the user
> to override or negate formatting or processing

> hints that are specified by the publisher or author.

> 2) Servers, HTML and the WWW community in general,
> should provide mechanisms for the publisher or author
> to specify formatting or processing hints in the
> documents that they are providing over the WWW. case.

Ah, excuse my last message. This is a more succinct and clear comment
on the subject of formatting control. What we in the group should
start doing is analyzing the types of typographic and layout control
needed. It does not appear that the arguement should be over if it
should be implemented, but what should be implemented first and how
it should be specified.

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