Re: textured backgrounds

Albert Lunde (
Thu, 19 Jan 95 17:55:36 EST

At 4:51 PM 1/19/95, Murray Maloney wrote:
>What I have been saying all along is:
> 1) Browsers should provide mechanisms for the user
> to override or negate formatting or processing
> hints that are specified by the publisher or author.
> 2) Servers, HTML and the WWW community in general,
> should provide mechanisms for the publisher or author
> to specify formatting or processing hints in the
> documents that they are providing over the WWW.
>In other words, allow me (author) to do reasonable things
>with my data, and allow me (reader) to ignore much/all
>of what the author specified.

And when I (a little while back) suggested we should look at our
priorities., I was not disagreeing with this, or even with the idea of
rainbow text on marble backrounds. But I'd like to see more work done on
user/author control of basic presentation attributes via _some_ general
mechanism, before we hack out the details for every kitchen sink feature.

If I may play devil's advocate:

I'm not an SMGL expert (and thus not familar with the prior art in the
SMGL community), so I'd personally like concrete examples of whatever
mechanisms are proposed.

I gather from some comments that some of this will involve attributes on
stuff in the HTML DTD: it sounds like some proposals also involve macro
language external to SGML, while others sound like object-oriented
extensions to SGML.

Is it time to talk about this, or do people need to refine the proposals, or
are there other things that should come first?

    Albert Lunde