Re: textured backgrounds

Albert Lunde (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 16:46:38 EST

At 2:28 PM 1/20/95, Rob Raisch wrote:
>I would like to make a strong request for the ability of the
>publisher to specify that the stylesheet they provide should
>not/must not be overridden in the browser.

This is what page description languages (i.e. Adobe PDF) (or imagemaps) are
good for.

Trying to make HTML act just like them is sweeping back the tide.

It would be silly to make HTML, that for example, can't be read by a blind
person, or rendered on a VT100, because of some standard that says we must
display the text in Zaph Chancery or not at all.

Such a restriction would be unenforceable, anyway. The fact that browser
software allows users to customize the look and feel today strongly
suggests that they will continue to do so in the future.

We should aim for a representation that can convey the author's intentions
_even though_ the result is cross-platfrom and customized by the users, not
_regardless of_ those facts.

    Albert Lunde